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Seiko Women's SUT174 Analog Display Japanese Quartz Two Tone Watch

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Manufacturer Seiko
Brand Seiko Watches
Model SUT174
UPC 029665176639
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12 Jul 2017

What makes a watch special?

For some women, a watch is an inconvenience, an item that does not match their personal style or the bulk of their jewellery collection.

6 Jul 2017

Jewelry Watches Can Be Found In Many Locations

You may think an article about where to find jewelry watches is unusual. This article might give you the information you need, when you run out of options. There is always someone in a family who wants the right type of jewelry.

27 Jun 2017

Stay in Style with Name Brand Watches

Name brand watches are one of the most sophisticated and traditional accessories a woman or a man can wear. Fine watches are a symbol of elegance and style. A beautiful watch fully completes any outfit, and adds that special touch to any look.

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    27 Jun 2017 Posted By Jan R.

    The Watch Is A Lot Older Than You May Think

    As early as the 1300s, timepieces became all the rage. These crude early models required the wearer to wind up the spring mechanism that kept the watch hands moving. While this technology was relatively accurate, there was plenty of room for improvement.

  • Blog Entry
    757 views 46 favs
    30 Jul 2017 Posted By Andrew W.

    Why Mechanical Watches Still Have A Place In The Watch Market

    Mechanical watches are the old fashioned watches that need to be wound up every day. They have no pretensions about them, no gimmicks just good old fashioned watch making at its best. Some people swear by them and will not go near a digital watch. They say they trust the old style more.

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